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In Need of a Corporate Contingency Plan?

We realize that emergencies happen*. And, as is often the nature of a true emergency, they usually happen at the worst time possible.

If your company relies on water for cooking, cleaning, building, or creating, have you got a contingency plan if your water provider becomes compromised?

Why wait until tragedy strikes?

With our Corporate Contingency Plan, we’ve got your back.

Whether you might need 10k gallons or 40k gallons a day, we can help you protect your business from the unknowns that might get thrown at your company!

It’s time to plan for the worst, so the worst really won’t be that bad! This is where we come in!

*September of 2018 went on record as the wettest in Texas history. It was the first time in the utility’s history that a notice of this kind was issued for the entire system. The entire city of Austin was on a boil ban. I got a call from the Walmart emergencies services department. They had not planned for this type of emergency. How could they? It had never happened before. I wondered what they wanted from me? They stated they had a store that goes through 13K gallons a day and they needed our assistance. I thought, which store? They said “all of them”… there are 13 in Austin alone including Sam’s Club. That’s when the contingency plan was born.
You don’t have to be Walmart to know you have a plan in place. If your water system was compromised, would you have a problem? Call Chad for more information.

If your water system was compromised, would you have a problem? Call us for more information at 512.858.5250.

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